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Soft Glam Bridal Makeup

If you've been wondering about the famed "soft glam" look for bridal you've come to the right place! It is a style of makeup that clients ask for ALOT but what is it? Soft glam makeup is less makeup than a full glam look but more makeup than a natural look. Yes! A happy medium between the two, but to be more specific I have broken those characteristics down into more concrete features so keep on reading.

If I were to categorize soft glam based on characteristics they would be :

  • No harsh lines (everything is seamless)

  • Hydrated Skin

  • Emphasizes your natural features

You might have noticed that if you search the phrase "soft glam", especially on instagram, many different images will populate your feed. It is important to note that every artist will interpret/ create their look based on their own unique signature style. The reason I love soft glam and why it is my signature style is because it allows you to wear the makeup vs. the makeup wearing you. This is how I came up with the defining characteristics of my soft glam that I do on bridal clients

1. No harsh lines

Everything is seamless in a soft glam makeup application. From the contour lines to the eyeshadow application, it is important to blur out and diffuse any lines so that there is no harshness. It is soft! Demarcation lines, or where something ends & begins, are carefully blended out to ensure the look is soft and seamless. Especially when it comes to bridal photography, harsh lines don't photograph well. You can still be contoured but not have it stand out (in an undesirable way).

2. Hydrated Skin

Sure having a beautiful eyelook can be amazing for those looking down photos your photographer will capture but SKIN is what will stand out the most. That is why skin prep is such a huge part of the bridal makeup process. Having hydrated and nourished skin will create a smooth base for the layering of liquid & powder products that are your foundation, powder, & blush. This is one of my favorite parts of the makeup application because your skin and the way it radiates will be captured the most, so taking extra time to prep in that are has tons of benefits. I often tell my brides to get on some kind of skin regimen a few months in advance (3-6) or depending on their wedding timeline so that the products used will compliment the home care they did. If you have any skin care concerns, seeing a dermatologist or skin care specialist would be a recommended place to start.

3. Emphasizes your natural features

Contouring has the power to manipulate your natural features & should be done carefully so that you still look like yourself. This is fact why many clients choose soft glam because they still want to look like themselves but better or to feel more confident because their best features are highlighted. One of the biggest concerns I hear from brides is they want their partner to see them walking down the aisle and not be unrecognizable.

I hope this provided some insight into what soft glam bridal makeup is. As an artist, having your signature style is what makes you unique and attracts your clientele. Maybe some of these characteristics will help you in building your skills as an artist. For brides, maybe some of these tips will help you in preparing for your big day and helping you in your search for choosing your bridal makeup artist. Until next time!

Thank you for reading,



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